How to get a caravan credit?

A caravan or a motorhome allows you to go on a ride in peace while having with you a space to rest. Synonymous with freedom and travel, the caravan remains a vehicle dedicated to holidays with friends or family in a friendly atmosphere. Do you need credit to buy a caravan? We guide you!

Choose the model of your caravan

Choose the model of your caravan

There are many models of caravans and motorhomes, so take the time to look at the strengths of each and their options before making your choice. In addition, you can find used at a lower cost, enough to lighten the bill a bit.

Good to know: with a B permit you can drive a caravan that does not exceed 750kg of laden weight. Beyond that, you will need to obtain the E permit, do not hesitate to inquire at a driving school providing this type of training.

The different types of caravans

No less than 4 different models of caravans are available on the market, enough to make your choice to find one that suits you perfectly. Here they are :

  • Rigid caravan: this model is the most classic of all, in fact, 80% of caravans are of the “rigid” type. We can divide this model into two groups: one with a single axle, and the other with two axles (more practical, but more expensive). This type of solid caravan will offer you a very good comfort of life inside.
  • Folding caravan: this type of caravan has an excellent advantage during transport (less wind resistance) and for storage at your home. The upper part is removable and you can easily unfold it to take full advantage of your caravan.
  • Low-profile caravan: with a low height, this caravan is very easy to transport. Its roof is foldable which allows you to quickly gain space once installed on your campsite.
  • Stretch canvas caravan: exclusively made of canvas, this caravan is like a large tent already furnished with all the classic elements (beds, kitchen, living room, …). Little more significant: you do not have to insure it.

If you have a motorcycle loan

A caravan can be equipped with air conditioning, this can be particularly useful if you often travel to places where it is very hot. Indeed, nothing better to be able to sleep in the cool and be in great shape the next day to go for example on the beach. You can also choose the mode of energy supply for your caravan, whether gas or electric, it all depends on your choice.

If you are more fond of campsites, most will offer you power supply by electric cable; for camping a little wilder, prefer a feeding by gas bottle. It is also possible to install a television antenna directly on the roof of the caravan, very useful for not missing anything from current events or the latest sporting events. Also be aware that you can find household equipment specially adapted for the small space of your caravans, such as dishes or household linen.

Find a used caravan

You can easily find used caravans for sale on the internet or in the classified ads of your local newspaper. Some dealers specializing in the sale of caravans often offer very good models on occasion, just remember to check the quality of the caravan for sale. Indeed it is not because it is sold by a professional that you will have no problem.

Look in particular at the axles and the general condition of the exterior: good sealing, no presence of mold on the bodywork. In addition, do not hesitate to scrutinize every corner from the inside to make sure that there are no hidden defects; for example closets in poor conditions are often indicative of poor maintenance.

Choosing a motorhome

A motorhome keeps the same principle as that of a caravan, but much more practical. We speak of a “habitable motor vehicle” because you can drive with your motorhome and directly use it as a dwelling without having to install it, as you often have to do with a caravan. Choosing a motorhome is very interesting, especially for its practicality, because it includes sleeping, a kitchen area and a toilet area. What to enjoy your vacation without having too many constraints.

The different ways to get a caravan credit


Whatever the model of your caravan or your motorhome, it is possible to find financing adapted to your future purchase. Whether it is only for the caravan or for the overall financing of your vacation, you can easily find the loan that suits you.

The motorhome and caravan credit

A motorhome or caravan remains particularly expensive to buy, especially for the motorhome which takes with it the equivalent of a car in addition to a simple caravan. If you need financing, the motorhome loan is specially dedicated to the financing of this type of recreational vehicle. As this remains a relatively large investment, consider looking at the used offers, you can find very good models at low cost.

Apply for a vehicle loan

A caravan is similar to a trailer attached to your car, so you can apply for a car loan to finance it. This is all the more true for the purchase of a motorhome that meets the definition of the automobile as a “land motor vehicle”. The vehicle loan adapts perfectly, moreover, if you also plan to finance a new car you can make a joint request: car and caravan.

Through this type of credit, you can also obtain preferential offers, for example in the level of the insurance of your car.



Whether you are traveling alone or with your family with your caravan, you may need additional funding to organize the perfect vacation. In this case, making a request for a personal loan is entirely appropriate, both for its simplicity and for the speed of obtaining the response. By planning a global budget, you can leave with peace of mind.

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