The Meaning of Independence for Credit Card Holders

Just yesterday Indonesia celebrated the 71st anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. At the age of 71 years, the question still arises ‘have we become independent?’

To answer this question is certainly difficult, because what is the definition of independence? Is it free from invaders? Is it independent from single status? Or is it even free from credit card debt?


What does independence mean?

What does independence mean?

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary, independence is interpreted as independence / to · mer · de · time / n circumstances (things) stand alone (free, loose, no longer colonized, and so on)

From the above understanding, independence, the point is that we can stand alone without any intervention from others, no longer colonized or oppressed, etc.


What is credit card debt?

credit card debt?

Credit cards are non-cash payment methods, where funds come from bank loans. This loan is unsecured. Credit card users will be given a plastic card by the bank, which can be used for payment instruments at merchants.

Because the credit card system is an unsecured loan from the bank, there is an obligation to pay off the credit card holder. The obligation to pay off credit card debt is done every month.

Someone who is accustomed to the credit card lifestyle, meaning he is also accustomed to a debt lifestyle. This is not a problem as long as the credit card holder understands the obligation to pay it off.

The problem is if it turns out that the credit card holder is not aware of his responsibility to pay off credit card bills, which eventually continue to pile up into prolonged debt.

Here, financially, we can say that the credit card holder is ‘colonized’ by credit card debt.


Is independence = free from credit card debt?

credit card debt?

Because independence means being free, able to stand alone, and free from colonialism, while the credit card debt situation that we accumulate is called ‘colonized’ by credit card debt, we can say independence for a credit card holder is free from credit card debt pile up.

Remember, credit card debt is piling up. If it does not pile up, it means that every month you can manage credit card debt bills well, then there is no problem. Your transaction will not be deficit and normal, the same when you trade using cash or debit cards.

So, have you been free from credit card debt?

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